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Top 7 Ideas to Transform your Dining Room Into an Art Extravaganza!

Top 7 Ideas to Transform your Dining Room Into an Art Extravaganza!
Dining room walls come with endless possibilities. If you have a spacious or small dining room with an empty wall, you can use that space to create a unique wall decor. Since this room is used only for specific times, you get more liberty to add your creative touch. Wall decors, especially hanging art pieces, can give your dining room a sophisticated look besides improving the whole atmosphere of the room in an instant.

Here are seven proven hacks to decorate your dining room walls with art pieces and artistic ideas-

Photo Exhibition of Your Own

A photo exhibition wall can be an excellent choice for the interior of your dining room. You can create a step gallery with your favourite photos. In this case, try to use a simple and nude coloured wall as your background. You can mix and match the photos of different themes as well!

You can also create a step gallery by classic picture frame range from AK Pvt Ltd. choosing a particular colour scheme like monochrome or black and white also works excellent.

A Movie Poster Wall

Another great wall art idea is a movie poster wall. Movie posters, especially vintage ones, look great if you have some antique furniture. Moreover, such wall arts also look great in a modern and minimalistic dining room. The best way is to choose some iconic movie posters in vibrant colours. If you are using vintage film posters only, go for ornate frames. If you do not have real posters, you can print the posters and buy the best photo frames UK to frame those printouts! Your guests and family members will love a vintage movie poster wall décor!

Large Scale Art Piece for the Wall

If you are a true minimalist at heart, using a large-scale art piece works great. It is classic yet contemporary and minimalist. Moreover, large paintings or wall arts often have multiple interior themes like rustic, modern, vintage, etc.

If you have a monotone interior with the same colour scheme, you can opt for a colourful or bright large-scale art piece to become the focal point of your room. On the other hand, a simple, monotone picture works great if your interior is colourful. In this case, you can take your artistic liberties as well. You can frame a picture, a photo, or even a modern painting as per your choice!

DIY Art Decors

DIY art decors are also a great way to add some artistic touch to your dining room. You can go for hand paints, fingerprints, emboss and block print designs on paper for this purpose. You can also ask your children or family members to contribute. A wall-bearing handprint canvas of your close ones always looks chic and cool! Try to choose colors like yellow, neon green, or pink, which pop up easily against a white background.


Needlecrafts like thread art pieces are all in rage now. You can take out some of the vintage handicrafts of your grandmother or mother and frame them for the wall of your dining room. These items are personal and also look great and timeless. You can also create a gallery comprising different needlework sculptures and frame sizes!

A Vertical Garden

A vertical garden of succulents and houseplants can add a touch of greenery and nature to your dining room. You can take a large photo frame and frame a tray with it. Then add a few pockets which can hold the plants. Try to place the vertical garden in a place with direct sunlight to ensure the plants remain green and healthy!

Food Gallery

The dining room is synonymous with food. So why don’t you dedicate a wall to the foods you love! You can combine posters with cool slogans of your favorite food from different places to create your wall of fame! It looks fantastic, quirky, and trendy! Try to combine different frames to give a fulfilling touch to your wall art!


Here are a few ideas that you can use. But, in the end, the choice lies with you. You can always go for something you love to add or feel closer to! Wall art pieces and pictures or paintings have limitless potential for any dining room!