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Unique Wall Themes to Pick for your Photo Frame

Unique Wall Themes to Pick for your Photo Frame
A DIY wall theme never goes unnoticed, especially when it’s paired with an attractive photo frame. And a good wall décor is never complete without a photo frame to complement the theme. Now, bear in mind, these theme ideas are neither time-consuming nor expensive, for that matter. So, in this article, we have compiled a list of some of the unique wall themes you can choose from with your photo frame.

1. Colourful Mosaic Wall

Backed by a hue colour, you can start with crafting a beautiful mosaic wall. The idea is to stick colourful photos, and it can bring forth the visual appeal. You can always go with square frames from the online framing shop UK, which sits perfectly with the theme.

2. Black and White

There is nothing classier as compared to a black and white theme. Our recommendation would be to go with contrasting shades for this particular theme, especially if you can print out photographs in black and white. The premium modern flat light grey photo frames look stunning with the theme. As for the pictures themselves, you can always go with canvas prints.

3. Choosing the Bigger Picture

Do you know, you can always use your wall as a canvas and your photos suggesting an element for a bigger picture. For this, you need small photo frames that are readily available at AK FRAMES LTD and put together just like a puzzle. You can put them together and form a shape as well. Put your photo collage against the wall, and it won’t get unnoticed. With the bigger picture in mind, you can always represent the various aspects of life you have experienced.

4. Split Photo Wall Art

This is yet another intuitive and decorative idea to portray your images over the wall. You need a bigger picture, probably in a landscape, and split them into two or three pictures for starts. Now, choose any minimalist frame for the pictures. And you have got yourself the perfect photo set to hang in your living room. Then again, our recommendation would be to go with a simple photo frame to emphasize the photo.

5. Opt for a Wall Timeline

Another fun wall theme to give is meaning to your photos. The wall timeline is the perfect fit if you want to tell a story. And the best part? It is easier to assemble as well. All you need is an ornate swept range black & white and pick up pictures from different eras of your life. Now, find the correct chronological order for them and start hanging them on your wall. Another exciting idea is to put them against a staircase. It can give you an idea of progress as time passes by.

6. Beauty in Chaos

Why should the idea of beautiful themes be constrained in uniform designs? That is why we prefer calling the design ‘Beauty in Chaos.’ You can mix and match any photo frame according to your preference and put them accordingly. For further visual appeal, you can always add décor to the theme as well. You can also experiment with various photo frames and make the design entirely yours.

The Bottom Line

So, this sums up our article on the unique wall themes you can pick to pair for your photo frame. AK FRAMES LTD can provide you with state-of-the-art photo frames, completely customizable catering for your every need. Choose the theme that brings forth your room’s visual appeal. Once you get everything right, you are always good to go.