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What Makes Wooden Frames For Picture So Unique?

What Makes Wooden Frames For Picture So Unique?
Preserving memories and feeling their nostalgia has been a human behavior all around the globe, relentlessly and for an extended period. Time and time again, people tend to capture and frame those pictures that depict intense reminiscence. While doing so, they revive their memories.

Frames are available in a variety of materials, e.g., metals, glass, wood, etc. But wooden frames have evolved to bring a unique aesthetic appearance to your homes or offices by adding a vintage touch to them.

In this article, we bring you various advantages of using wooden frames. Moreover, we talk about how it is different and unique from other photo frames.

What are Wooden Frames?

Wooden frames are nothing but a photo frame made up of wood. These frames are available in different sizes, shapes, colors. Therefore, they find immense usage in framing photos, AK FRAMES LTD offers a splendid wooden frame collection. It can fit any home decor easily. Why do you need to choose wooden frames? Let us discuss some advantages and benefits of using wooden frames in framing photos.

Advantages of Using Wooden Frames

  • Photo frames are available in metals like aluminum, steel. It makes the frame heavier and needs careful handling, whereas wooden photo frames, being lightweight, can be easily handled and take care of while stacking on the interior walls of your home.

  • Wooden photo frames are long-lasting. Therefore, the fear of breaking gets nullified, whereas photos framed on another type of frame are less durable. Moreover, it gets reduced and is susceptible to breakage if not handled with care.

  • Wooden frames protect from dust, moisture, and pictures getting faded. They come with transparent plastic wraps that do the job.

    Thus, it maintains glossiness and accentuates your overall home décor. Plastic and other frames adhere to a lot of moisture and dust particles. So, cleaning the picture causes foreign elements to enter the frame, making it look unattractive. It degrades the interior room decoration.

  • Wooden photo frames have a lot to choose from as they are available in different shapes and sizes. You can also customize these frames as per your requirement. It also comes in a wide range of colors, allowing you to maintain a perfect theme for your room. Ornate Swept Range Black & White frames are exceptional and splendid wooden photo frame options in this regard.


Unique Features of Wooden Frames

  • For tabletop surfaces, wooden frames are provided with an easel back for firm support and easy usage.

  • One of its unique features is resistance to surface scratches because of the light material used in it. Moreover, the stand is strong and doesn't break easily after a drop from the wall.

  • You can also give a charismatic look to your room decoration by painting your old or new wooden frame.

  • There is an ongoing trend in wooden frames built of plywood. If polished as per customer requirement, it gives an aesthetic appeal to your room décor and is in huge demand these days.

Therefore, these frames will never get obsolete. They will keep on emerging with conventional features and unique styles.  

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a perfect picture frame and want to improve your home or office interiors, then wooden frames are the best. Thin Range Oak and Walnut frames in UK collection are quality choices for your office and home. Get your hands on them quickly and give your photos a new look. There are other options to explore as well.