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Why Choose Us

The difference is we are a British manufacturer. We will move mountains to

give you FAR EAST & CHINA PRICES. We use the latest machinery & carefully

selected material which we purchase in bulk. Our products are hand-made

by highly skilled craftsmen & every piece is unique, yet we can offer highly

competitive prices that you may not associate with products of this quality.



With our vast and in-depth experience in the picture framing industry we are able to manufacture and supply frames at the best quality and price point for your needs. With our extensive quality control measures in place we ensure the right quality in produced before leaving the warehouse, no matter the cost. We take pride in our craftmanship in this trade and our products reflect this.


With our huge experience in producing frames in mass volumes for corporate, wholesalers and retailers, we have refined the production process with the most efficient and economical manufacturing techniques, allowing us to give you top class products at prices as low as China’s.

YOU are our priority

Our customers are main priority and we have our support team on hand to answer any questions you may have throughout our business relationship.


We are a pretty flexible company and will figuratively move mountains to meet our customers specific requirements.