x99.9 LOL 3D Gift Frame
x99.9 LOL 3D Gift Frame
x99.9 LOL 3D Gift Frame
x99.9 LOL 3D Gift Frame
x99.9 LOL 3D Gift Frame
x99.9 LOL 3D Gift Frame

Alison Kingsgate Ltd

x99.9 LOL 3D Gift Frame

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Made from high quality solid MDF mouldings with quality backboard.
Width of the moulding: 25mm (approximate).
Depth of the moulding: 35mm (approximate).

Size (Measured from Inside of the Frame)
10" x 8"
Hanging & Standing
Frames larger than 12” come with wall hook only.
Frames smaller than 12” come with both back stand and hook.

Other Information

  • Available with or without LED light. Option with LED, the frame comes with a 23A Battery, and ON/OFF Switch at the back of the frame. Option without the LED, the frame comes without the triangle pieces on top and bottom as well.
  • All frames come with Perspex plastic which has same clarity of glass, but much expensive, durable and safer than traditional glass. Especially suitable for homes with kids and elderly. *NOTE*for Buyers: Once you received your frame, please kindly take off the protectors on both sides of the plastic sheet. We don’t take them off to prevent damage to the plastic during transit/delivery.
  • Please bear in mind the colours may vary slightly from the photos displayed. Also due to the nature of hand cut items each frame is individual and there may have slight variations from one to another.
  • Manufactured to order items may take 1-2 days to be dispatched due to the additional manufacturing time involved.